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November 2014
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How Dangerous Are E-Cigs?

Are electronic cigarettes dangerous There have been many new reports of electronic cigarettes harming people in the last few months. Many of these stories are sensational in nature and seem to be directing smokers back to smoking by highlighting injuries cause by electronic cigarettes.

The nature of e-cigs is that they are electronic and have a battery to power the atomizer that heats the liquid nicotine, also know as e-liquid.

Batteries in almost every portable electronic device can pose a problem and be dangerous if handled or used incorrectly. There are cases of exploding batteries in any device that uses lithium ion batteries. Just like the gas in a car, there is danger in stored energy.

Electronic cigarettes are not 100% safe. They are, however, a safer option than tobacco cigarettes when it comes to catching the house on fire. There are cases almost everyday where people start their house on fire with a lit cigarette, but only a few stories of exploding e-cigarettes.

The fact is, no matter what you do in life, there are dangers all around us and anything can be misused, mishandled, abused, neglected, and disrespected enough that someone can get hurt or even killed.

Poison control has logged hundreds of cases of accidental ingestion of liquid nicotine used in electronic cigs. Many of these cases involve small children that drank their parent’s bottle of e-liquid. Again, this can be prevented if the e-liquid bottles had child-proof caps and parental responsibility.

If we are to talk about the risks of e-cigarettes, we should also talk about the benefits of them as well. The fact that they have thousands less chemicals, little to no smell, and cost less, are the main features that consumers are interested in. There is the huge benefit that the readers of most newspapers are unaware of, the fact that electronic cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives. Through harm-reduction, e-cigs have the power to convert nicotine addicts from smoker, to vaper.

Because e-cigs do not emit smoke, there are no carcinogens. Basic understanding of science will tell you that reducing carcinogens reduces cancer. If smokers got their nicotine from a vapor mist instead of from smoke, the number of cancer patients dying from smoking would be reduced.

So why would the news focus on the dangers of electronic cigarettes instead of the positives like that they can save millions of lives? Simple, to sell stories and make headlines. Everyone is scared and they crave more horror stories to justify their fear. The press feeds this and focuses on the negatives, instead of the positives.



What is the most popular e-cig in 2014?

E-cigs are definitely among the best inventions of the last decade. For the millions of people out there who have switched from smoking cigarettes to “vaping” on these small devices, life has changed considerably. Their health has improved, their overall mood has improved and their budgets are a bit larger.

Electronic cigarettes can be a great replacement for tobacco cigarettes and they have helped many, many people quit their unhealthy habit. These devices are very basic: each time you puff, the battery will heat a tank filled with e-liquid (a liquid based on nicotine and various types of flavors). The vapor created will thus resemble cigarette smoke very well (it will feel the same, it will satisfy the craving and it will taste the same as well).

People were obviously rather suspicious to the first e-cigs that got out on the market, but now more and more are making the decision to purchase one and change their lives too. If you are among those who took this decision too, you should be congratulated because you have just made a huge step for a better and healthier future!

However, you must keep in mind the fact that not all e-cigs are created alike and that some will be better than others. Some of them are manufactured by reputable companies in the US, while others are made abroad. Some of them will be more popular, while others will be less popular. In the end, the decision of which one to buy belongs to you only, but before you make any move you may want to inform yourself on the type of e-cigarette that has been most popular this year.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes

Among all the electronic cigarette manufacturers, V2 definitely plays a very important role. Some of the people really do consider this brand to be the very best one created so far – and they may actually be right.

V2 cigarettes are manufactured according to the highest quality standards possible. You will find them with prices ranging from approximately $35 (for a beginner’s kit) to approximately $210 (for a kit that contains absolutely everything you need to start vaping, including a carrying case that can charge the battery of the cigarette as well).

Furthermore, the new EX varieties are really a great deal for almost any “vaper”. They are excellent for beginners because they provide them with a great feeling and with ease of use and they are amazing for more experienced e-cigarette users as well, as they will provide them with a long battery life without the bulkiness of other cigarettes that work on the same model (the EX versions are a lot thinner than their older siblings).

As for the flavors V2 can offer, they are all great in taste and they all provide that “real cigarette” feeling most of the vapers are searching for (especially when making the switch from tobacco to electronic cigs). There may not be a lot of variations when it comes to these flavors, but what V2 offers is more than enough for any smoker trying to quit.

V2’s Quality Is Second To None!

Quality, affordability and good taste recommend V2 among the most popular electronic cigarettes in 2014, but if you feel that these ones are not very suitable for you, try other popular brands too and go for the one that fits your style most. However, always keep in mind that you should really invest in high quality cigarettes and e-liquids because they will be worth every single cent (not to mention the fact that they will last longer and that they will be much safer too!).

What are the different types of e-cig tanks?

electronic cigaretteE-cigarettes are without any doubt one of the best alternatives you have when you decide that you want to quit smoking. As you may very well know it, tobacco smoking can ruin every single part of your body. It ages the skin, it makes you feel energy depleted, it destroys your immunity, it can lead to serious heart-related conditions and it can cause cancer in multiple areas of your body (not just the lungs). All in all, smoking is one habit you will definitely want to leave behind if at all possible.

Electronic cigarettes are devices that work based on an easy to understand mechanism. Basically, a battery will heat a cartridge filled with something called “e-liquid” whenever you “puff” on the device. The vapor created has the same feeling and the same taste as normal cigarettes (although there are electronic cigarette liquids that taste like chocolate, pie, and other delicious treats as well).

If you want to purchase an e-cig that will be suitable for your own “vaping” style, you will first have to learn as much as you can about the many variations these cigarettes can take. And one of the most important things to learn is related to the tanks that deliver the liquid into vapor. Basically, there are two main types of such tanks: eGo tanks and cartomizers. Which are the differences between these two and why would you choose one over the other?

eGo Tanks

The eGo cigarettes are among the first large-sized (or medium-sized) electronic cigarettes out there. Most of the people who go for this option appreciate the fact that these electronic cigarettes are more affordable than other types and the fact that they cannot be mistaken with normal cigarettes either. Bear in mind that the original eGo cigarette is manufactured by Joyetech and that there are many counterfeited versions available on the market as well (mostly made abroad, where the laws regarding intellectual property are not as rigid as they are in the United States). Also, the original eGo cigarette made by Joyetech comes in multiple variations too. For example, the eGo-T E-Cigarette is suitable for those who want to have an electronic cigarette that will come with a battery to last all day. Furthermore, this cigarette is the very first cigarette that was introduced with a refill tank system, allowing people to simply fill in the tank instead of using replacement cartridges.


In one way or another, cartomizers are the simplest way to get your “juice” into the cigarette. Basically, you will simply have to replace the cartomizer itself and you will not have to deal with refilling a tank. This is faster and easier to do and it is especially suitable for beginner “vapers”. However, keep in mind the fact that most of the cigarettes that work based on a cartomizer will not deliver as much vapor for as long a time as an eGo tank cigarette, which may make it a bit more expensive and less practical if you are away for most of the day and you don’t have any replacement cartridges with you.

Think well before you make a purchase. Sometimes, the cheapest is not the best because it will provide less quality and less durability at the same time too. Invest in a good e-cig and you’re going to enjoy it for much longer!

The 3 Biggest Reasons to Use E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigaretteE-cigarettes have become more and more popular over the last decade and it’s not difficult to see why. The massive health and social benefits coupled with money saving and environmental benefits means that giving up smoking has never been easier or cheaper.

There are many different products on the market that are aimed at helping and encouraging people to give up tobacco. Everyone knows of the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes, but if you are addicted, it is not that easy to kick the habit.

E-cigs are simple to buy, both online or in the stores with a credit card or online payment processor. You don’t even have to step off of your front porch; just switch on your computer and with a few clicks of the mouse, your e-cigarettes will be winging their way to you in no time.

There are so many reasons to use e-cigarettes, but what are the three 3 biggest ones?

Money Savings

  1.  There’s no getting away from it, buying tobacco is expensive. Over the years, the cost has continued to rise, meaning that it is easy to spend thousands of pounds each year just to keep up with your habit. Even just one packet each day can cost you quite a few dollars.

Changing to e-cigarettes can help you save a lot of money as well as being beneficial to your health.

Health Benefits –

2. Not many smokers take the time to understand the full dangers of a smoking addiction. Many people find it easier to just bury their heads in the sand. It’s common knowledge      that smoking can cause oral and lung cancer, but not many people are aware that along with the cancer causing nicotine, cigarettes contain many toxic chemicals that can cause a  great deal of damage to your health.

Making the change to e-cigarettes means that your body will inhale far fewer chemicals and you can even choose ones that don’t contain any nicotine at all. As you can see, e-cigarettes are the healthier option by far, making them a much more preferable option to tobacco.

Help the Environment –

  1. Look around you! Out on the sidewalk, in the park, in the road, you will see discarded cigarette butts all over the place. However, unlike conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes can be used time and time again.

In addition, if you smoke e-cigarettes, there is no damage to the environment as no chemicals or carbon monoxide are released into the atmosphere. This means that e-cigarettes are by far the most environmentally friendly option and another great reason why you should seriously consider kicking the tobacco habit.

In conclusion, using e-cigarettes brings many benefits in addition to the three main ones here. So if you have been looking for a way to kick the tobacco habit, why not consider ditching the evil weed and giving e-cigarettes a try.

E-cigarettes have been round for many years and are proven to be a safe and effective method of giving up smoking. They also offer many health benefits to those around you as there is no secondary smoking risk to friends, family and the general public. Add to this the financial benefits of changing; there really is no reason to continue putting your health at risk by smoking cigarettes.


How to Stealth Vape with an E-Cig

Man holding umbrella and smoking electronic cigaretteSo what is “stealth vape”?  It certainly sounds like something that a secret service agent would do. However, the reality is not quite so glamorous – it is a term used for using an electronic cigarette without anyone else seeing or realizing what is going on.

“But I thought e-cigs could be used in any public place” I hear you cry. Well, that’s not quite true. Did you know that building owners and landlords have the right to restrict the practice of vaping on their property if they choose?

In addition, while vaping is allowed in most public places, there are some where e-cigarettes haven’t actually been banned; but it is advised that they aren’t used as they could cause a commotion.

For example, cinemas and trains, as from a distance it looks as if a real cigarette is being smoked and this could cause confusion or alarm. This has led to the practice of “stealth vaping”. Should you make the choice to change to e-cigarettes, it is a good idea that you learn to master this art, just in case you ever need to use it.

So, if you are new to e-cigarettes, how do you go about learning this art and is it even possible? Yes, it absolutely is. The fact is that unlike conventional cigarettes, an e-cig doesn’t leave any noticeable odor behind as the vapor it gives off very quickly dissipates.

In contrast, a tobacco smell can stay around for many hours and over a great distance. We have all walked into a room and smelt the stale smell of tobacco from smokers that have been in the room days or even weeks before.

So, how does stealth vaping work?

  • Hold the e-cigarette between the palm of your hand and the base of your thumb.

  • Imagine you are a magician with a card in your hand that you didn’t want anyone to see.

  • Remember to use your little finger to cover up the LED light tip

  • When you think no-one is looking at you, it’s time to take a puff

  • Whilst still cradling the e-cigarette in your hand, remove your thumb and move it up to your mouth

  • Inhale deeply as usual, and enjoy

You may not realize, but the vapor from an e-cigarette contains mainly water, meaning that it dissipates really quickly. So if you are able to hold the vapor down for roughly three seconds, you will then be able to slowly exhale through your mouth or nose with no vapor being visible to the naked eye. It doesn’t really matter if you do exhale a small vapor cloud, it is very unlikely that anyone will spot it.

It’s a good idea to practice the art of stealth vaping before trying it out in public. There are different types and sizes of e-cigarettes, so its’ worth considering whether your current e-cigarette is the right size to be able to carry this off properly. If you feel it is a little too large, try buying a slightly smaller one.

There are many great health, social and economic reasons why changing to e-cigarettes are a good idea. If you also learn the art of stealth vaping, you will be able to have a smoke inside and out, wherever you happen to be, without a care in the world.

Introduction To Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarette introductionBefore you make a momentous shift from conventional smoking to e-cigs, familiarize yourself with a few key pieces of knowledge designed to aid your transition to a more comfortable way of life. E-cigs are widely acclaimed for their smoke free vapors, delectable flavors, affordability, and their overall effectiveness in preventing smoky odors, as well as second hand smoke. While they may have their own associated health risks, the benefits may certainly outweigh the risks in certain contexts. We live in a rapidly evolving technological age, and the electronic cigarette is a clear culmination of our many advances. If you are strongly considering integrating this product into your daily lifestyle, review the following facts and insights in order to better understand this lifestyle choice.

Lesson 1: E-cigs Save Money

Some people may choose to adhere to the tradition of conventional smoking. They have become so acclimated to the smell and taste of smoke that they feel reluctant to move onto something better. If the vapor and flavorful delights of E-cigs is not a good enough incentive to get you to switch, consider the the monetary benefits. E-cig smokers save an average of $165 per month, which equates to well over $1000 in savings throughout the course of the year. Whereas, traditional smokers end up shelling out more of their hard earned money. Imagine what you could do with these remarkable savings. $1000 extra dollars could mean a vacation, cruise, shopping spree, or much needed sum of money for your child’s college fund.

Lesson 2: How E-cigs Work

The concept is fairly simple. E-cigs contain a rechargeable battery, and they transform E-liquid or cartridges into a vapor by heating it up using an atomizer, which is then inhaled. E-liquid is sold in a variety of different flavors, namely those of the fruit variety.

Lesson 3: E-cigs and Nicotine

E-cigs are not a smoking cessation program. In fact, they often contain more nicotine in a single dose than most cigarettes. Furthermore, E-liquid does contain a chemical concentration of nicotine, and other legal substances. Therefore, before you embark upon your e-cig purchase, remind yourself that this will not curb your desire for nicotine.

Lesson 4: Choosing An E-Liquid

Using an E-cig requires that you select an E-liquid or cartridge of some sort. Become familiar with the relative measurements of nicotine in each liquid, and the term “relative” is not used loosely. Many companies do not adhere to a standard measurement of this chemical. Therefore, refer to the labels in order to gauge the mg of nicotine in each teaspoon. Choose the liquid according to strength, as the strength can be determined by the number of nicotine mg per ml. The strength and potency that you choose should be commensurate with your general smoking habits. For example, if you generally consume many cigarettes and high levels of nicotine, then opt for a higher strength, as a lower strength may give rise to uncomfortable symptoms. Finally, if you are simply a mild smoker, choose a more tame nicotine strength for your e-liquid.

Lesson 5: Quitting The Habit

Understand that smoking an e-cig will not extinguish a nicotine dependence or smoking habit, necessarily. In fact, if you cease smoking e-cigs, you may find that your withdrawal symptoms are more irking than ever before. These cigarettes may function as a great transition from smoking, but they cannot diminish the habit without additional measures.

Are e-cigarettes really cheaper than smoking

The Cost of SmokingThe Cost Of Smoking

Alarmingly, individuals who smoke two packs per day invest a rough total of $1,600 per year in cigarettes alone. In essence, tobacco has a far more permeable effect than initially realized. Not only does it exact a toll on the respiratory system, but it also reflects poorly on one’s finances, depriving them of much needed money that could be allocated elsewhere. The aforementioned sum of money could be invested in more viable areas, including education, savings, etc.

Disadvantages of Smoking

This, however, is not the only facet of cigarette smoking that drains the bank account. Consider the notion that cigarettes permeate fabrics, including the curtains, tablecloths, furniture and clothing. In some cases, considerable amounts of money must be paid in order to fully uproot the smell from these items. Not to mention, smoking habits often gives rise to expensive diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and other conditions, as well. When you consider the costly procedures, medical visits, and medications associated the aforementioned conditions, the relative financial impact of smoking suddenly becomes clear.

E-Cigs Are Cost-effective

The is much contention surrounding the debate behind the overall effectiveness of e-cigarettes, an electronic cigarette that dispenses a flavored or flavorless vapor containing concentrated amounts of nicotine. However, some in depth investigations seem to substantiate the notion that this product is considerably less expensive than smoking. When you do the calculations, it becomes readily apparent that you can save almost $150 per month by smoking e-cigs, as opposed to conventional cigarettes. The average smoker requires about $10 in cigarettes per day (which is equivalent to approximately two packs). However, an e-cig consumer may invest about $5 per day (the rough estimate for 2 e-cig cartridges.) Furthermore, these e-cigs consist of a battery charger, which lasts a fairly long span of time. All in all, this equates to great savings throughout the year.

If you would like to personally calculate your savings on making the e-cig switch, there are a number of websites that provide a smoke-savings calculators, so that you can gauge just how beneficial a lifestyle change will be if you decide to give up conventional cigarettes.

Before You Make The Switch

Based on the information listed above, you may consider making the transition from smoking to e-cigs in the days to come. Before you make the switch, however, there are a few key considerations and facts that you must familiarize yourself with, as the general public is misled under various myths and assumptions about e-cigs.

The first thing you should know is that you can use this product practically anywhere, as it does not operate using smoke. It also comes in various flavors, and it is a better alternative to smoking. However, do not be misguided under the assumption that this is somehow a harmless replacement for cigarettes. Although these products dispense a vapor for consumers to inhale, they do contain a certain potency of nicotine. Although this product alleviates the risk associated with inhaling smoke, it does contain other chemicals, and it does not reduce dependency on nicotine.

5 Things to avoid when buying electronic cigarettes

5 Things to avoid when buying electronic cigarettesTransitioning from Cigarettes to E-cigs

Some people assume that e-cigs are a benign alternative with few health risks, when this is in fact, a baseless belief that should be retracted in some cases. Making the switch from conventional cigarettes to E-cigs may appear to be tedious, but you can simplify the process by becoming more well informed on the subject matter. There are a few key differences to take note of, including the use of cartridges, e-liquid, as well as a battery charger, as normal cigarettes do not inculcate these technological features. In order to ensure your utmost safety, consider the following tips listed below:

Things To Avoid

1) Do not leave your charger on for an extensive period of time. Some E-cig users have reported seeing sparks, which ultimately gave rise to perilous fires that threatened the lives of the home residents. Remember, with any new technological advance, there may be functional glitches. When charging your E-cig, it is critical to take note of how long your charge it, as overcharging it may prove dangerous in some cases. Always take precautions with electronics.

2) Choose the right potency and strength. Your smoking habits should guide your purchasing decision, in terms of the relative strength of your E-liquid. E-liquid is the liquid that your E-cig dispenses as a vaporized substance, which you then inhale. If you choose to purchase a highly potent E-liquid, this may be very problematic on your part. Firstly, if you may increase your nicotine intake too drastically, and ay risk the possibility of over consuming the substance, thereby developing a greater dependency on it. When this occurs, you may find it difficult to cease smoking altogether. This is because the higher the potency you consume, the more severe the withdrawal symptoms will be. If a light smoker suddenly consumes an exceedingly high concentration of nicotine, they will experience a host of troubling symptoms upon quitting, including dizziness, fatigue, weight gain and much worse. If, however, you are accustomed to higher nicotine strengths, you may not be subject to the same severity of withdrawal symptoms.

3) Refrain from the assumption that there are no health risks involved. Although E-cigs do not contain smoke, they do comprise a rather high chemical potency, which includes nicotine.

4) Do not pursue this as a smoking cessation program. E-cigs are not designed to stop smoking, but rather, to increase the convenience of doing so without interfering with those around you, or exposing your lungs to smoke. Second hand smoke is not a factor when you consume an e-cig, meaning that you can smoke it anywhere. Furthermore, you will not inundate you lungs with smoke, but rather, a flavored or flavorless vapor of sorts.

5) Do not select a brand without a confirmed safety rating. Remain keenly aware of online reviews and whether they reflect positively or negatively of a particular product. For example, if many consumers report a lack of safety with regards to a certain e-cig product, do not proceed with purchasing that option, and consider a more reputable brand instead.

Choosing the perfect e-cigarette

Hoe to find the perfect e-cigWhen you’re in the market for an e-cigarette you want to get the best deal you can. The best bang for your buck, making sure that everything is just right and it really does suit your needs. This article will discuss the various ways you can ensure that the e-cigarette you’re looking to purchase is the best option for you.

Price is often the most important factor when choosing to purchase anything, not just e-cigarettes. You may fall in love with a car but if it’s 3000x your budget, no amount of puppy dog eyes is going to get you the keys to the car. Before researching which e-cigarette to buy to start your new lifestyle, make a note of your budget and how much you’re willing to spend in the long term.
Chances are that if you were able to afford smoking in the long term over the past few years, you will 100% be able to afford the purchase of a high quality electronic cigarette. The starter kits can range from between $50 to $200, so make sure that you’re dedicated to giving up smoking or switching to vaping and you’ll start to see the savings after only 40 days of using an e-cigarette.

The quality of the product should never be ignored. Sometimes consumers will dart straight for the cheapest option and not only with e-cigarettes. The issue with lower quality e-cigarettes is that sometimes the device itself will break down mid-use because of the low quality parts that it’s made of. This can mean that repeat purchases of the product can work out to be more than a onetime purchase of a higher quality device, so make sure that you choose carefully. If you can afford to purchase a higher quality, more expensive e-cigarette then it’s advised that you do so, it’ll save you money in the long run despite it being hard to see the savings initially.

The flavor of your e-cigarette is an important factor as well as you want to make sure that it suits the taste that you like considering you’ll be using it on a full time basis. If you want to stick with the two normal options, plain or menthol tobacco, both options are available for purchase at most regular retailers.
The beauty of choice comes in when you take a look at the variety of flavors that come around online and in certain specialty shops, giving you the bliss of choice as to whether or not you’re more of a blueberry or blackcurrant kind of person. The world is your oyster when it comes to choice so don’t hesitate, pick up your favorite flavor ASAP!

Nicotine dosage
If you’re a heavy smoker then cartridges have got you covered when it comes to needing more nicotine. High and low dosage eLiquids are available across the US without needing to hunt them down, so make sure that you choose the correct option for your needs. Most smokers should start out at 18mg nicotine to see if the need more or less nicotine to satisfy their cravings.

Electronic cigarette reviews

The best way to find the perfect electronic cigarette is to do your research online. There are many electronic cigarette review sites out there that can provide you with valuable information to help you choose the right device. You will save a lot of money and avoid many frustrating issues if you read some review before you buy.

E-Cigarettes and Airport Security

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAE-Cigarettes are legal inside buildings due to the fact that they don’t released smoke, it’s water vapor which gives the illusion of smoking to help the smoker with the psychological effects of quitting. By tricking the mind into thinking it’s smoking, helping you to get over your addiction with ease. Airport security policies have become more rigid ever since the prevalence of terrorists, meaning that certain objects such as liquids are difficult to take through security in case they may be a threat to the general public. This article will discuss the potential rejections airport security may give you when you try to take your e-cigarette through.


Some bombs in the past have been made out of liquids, meaning that even bottles of water, shampoo etc are forbidden to be taken on board the aircraft in your carry-on luggage. This is to prevent potential threats to the public from detonating a bomb. eLiquid is harmless to the environment and the general public but the rule here still applies. You will not be allowed to take any eLiquid on a flight in your handbag, backpack or any other bags that you will have access to on the flight.

If you want to transport it with you, the eLiquid needs to be kept inside your suitcase which will be checked onto the flight and stored underneath the airplane, meaning that you won’t have access to it. This shouldn’t be a problem for you as you aren’t allowed to use your e-cigarette on airplanes anyway, which will be discussed in the following article.

Use on airplanes

Due to the fact that the potential health risks that may or may not come about from the use of e-cigarettes and the second hand inhaling of the vapor, using an e-cigarette on an airplane is banned. You’re in an enclosed space with the same ventilated air for an extended period of time, meaning that the vapor will be instantly go into the atmosphere.

Alongside this, you may also find that other people on the flight become uncomfortable with the fact that you’re releasing a gas into the air in an enclosed space, potentially harming them. This may in fact be seen as an act of aggression and get you arrested when you land, so it’s best not to use your e-cigarette whilst you’re in flight.

Companies want to ensure that their flights don’t become associated with smokers and other bad habits that can reduce their sales and ultimately hurt business. Bad reviews and word of mouth advertising hurts companies when they become associated with things that the public don’t want to be faced with, for example if the food on their flights gave everyone food poisoning or they allowed people to use e-cigarettes on the flight, creating a smog across the airplane making it hard to breathe. It’s best just to wait until you’ve landed at your destination before you use your e-cigarette, a few hours won’t be a problem.